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Community Fanfiction Archive;

Because it seemed like a good idea to put up a
post that had all the stuff posted here listed, and so that those who're
considering the prompts can see what's already been done.

50 Prompts for Jay Guthrie [posted as of 02/25/2007]

01. shedding (Molting Season by Kam le_chatnoir)
02. jersey
03. 45:22:11
04. yawn
05. swing
06. three taps
07. bit my tongue
08. blankets
09. "F--"
10. chemistry
11. radio
12. "Et tu, Brutus?"
13. rap
14. encourage
15. snapped the pen
16. strands
17. chuck
18. concert
19. maybe
20. next Thursday
21. conspiracy
22. vomit (All Things Bright and Beautiful by Noey mlina)
23. the fourth (Shall We Dance? by Noey mlina)
24. language (Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye by Noey mlina)
25. lunch (Lunch Break by Noey mlina)
26. Jimi Hendrix (Music [working title, may change] by Jo comicbookending)
27. feather duster
28. lake
29. drip
30. Archangel
31. brat (Tough Love by Noey mlina)
32. "Sex, drugs, and egg rolls." (Today's the Day by Liz liangzhu)
33. barbeque
34. lecture
35. flight
36. molt (Molting Season by Kam le_chatnoir)
37. fluffy
38. hair gel
39. "If your singer ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."
40. sentiment
41. blood (Broken in Silence by Kam le_chatnoir)
42. The Age of Innocence
43. Thanksgiving turkey
44. sleep
45. Central Park
46. pepperoni pizza
47. genetics
48. lyrics (Untitled Piece by Noey mlina)
49. "Open mouth, swallow foot."
50. family (Welcome to the Family by Kam le_chatnoir)

Contributed Fanfiction [authors are in alphabetical order]

By Amanda shini02
Loves First Promise [JayxJulia, pre-canon]
Falling to the Depths [JayxJulia]
Angels Among Us [Jebediah Guthrie, featured JayxJulia]
Passion Ablaze [JayxOFC, companion to Passion Play]

By Marie thecutepolice
Most days the sun still shines

By Jacki dragondreamfire
Son of Deadalus [Jay Guthrie, Kurt Wagner]
Flight [Jay, music]
Requiem [Jay, OCs, music]
A New Song [Jay Guthrie, Corey Morgan]

By Kam le_chatnoir
The Mind's Eye [JayxSooraya]

By Liz liangzhu
Lost in Space [Jay on Sammy Pare]

By Noey mlina
Essay [Melody Guthrie, focus on Jay]

By Wes thelostmaximoff
Passion Play [JayxOFC, companion to Passion Ablaze]
One-Hit Wonder [Jay, first-person POV]
Smoke on the Water [Jay on Julia, first-person POV]
Golden [JayxEllie, set in otherearth626]
Flicker [JayxEllie, set in otherearth626]

Offsite Links [Jay fanfic posted off-site]

By fullmetal_cute
10 Jay/Sooraya Stories [wip]

Fic Reccomendations

from Guen ragingpie:

   + Jay Guthrie/Jono Starsmore stories written by naiveprophet
          More Than Words
          Critical Thinking
          From A Distance
          Making The Band

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