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Because the prompts list needed love.^^

Title: Shall We Dance?
Characters: Jay, Sofia [friendship]
Prompt: #23 the fourth;
Notes: Because just because he's a singer, doesn't mean he's got dancing feet.

"You are terrible at this."

Jay hid a smirk as he bent down to refill the water bottle that he'd brought along. "I never said I was good in the first place." He said evenly as he straightened up to drink.

"But you said--"

He threw her a look and lifted the bottle in a way that one might either perceive as a motion similar to a toast, or one that said 'hold on a sec hun, lemme clarify'. "I said I was okay with joining you for this dance class."

He sipped again. "I never said I was Patrick Swayze."

He waited a moment, watching her expression turn from incredulity, to disbelief, to mild annoyance at being outmaneuvered in their conversation, and then finally to that one expression without a proper word in the dictionary, represented only by the rolling of eyes and a 'sure, fine, you're right' smile.

"Alright. You win. My apologies, Jay, for assuming wrong."

He shrugged and crossed to her, the sound of his sneakers squeaking a song of their own on the ballroom floor. "S'okay." He took her hand and grinned, glad for this newfound friendship. "So I step back on the fourth eighth, right?"
Tags: 50 prompts challenge, academy x: marvel 616, fanfiction by mlina, gen, sofia mantega

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