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Icarus Remembered | A Jay Guthrie Fan Community

Icarus Remembered
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We want this comm to be fun, but just to facilitate things, we've drafted a couple of guidelines for you guys to all take note of:

[1] Since this comm was made for Jay, it's only fair that we make sure that MAJORITY of the posts revolve around him. Posts about other characters/related topics will be allowed, but posters must note "Out of Topic" on the subject heading. Post that involve Guthrie family members (tho these, we suspect, will be rare), are encouraged. They are, afterall, related to our lovable overgrown canary.

Don't be afraid to bring up your interpretations (hint: anyone got fic out there?) and opinions about the relationships he has with his family, friends, teachers/senior X-Men, and yes, even the 'enemies' (serious or otherwise). Jay's one person connected to a ton of others, and this web network makes him who he is.

[2] Don't be afraid to share the love your stuff. Fanwork (fanfic, fanart, fanmixes, icons, banners, wallpapers -- *breathes* -- knock yourselves out) is not just ENCOURAGED, but we can guarantee that Kam and I at least will go nuts over them. I am, in particular, an obsessive-compulsive commenter. Some of the members will attest to this. xD

Standard post-etiquette is required tho: (a) stick to Rule #1, and (b) LJ-cut is your FRIEND. If you don't know how to do the cut, ask, we will provide the appropriate response. ^^;

Why are we asking letter (b)? Nobody likes their friendslists cluttered. Be nice, people. Be nice.

[3] This next one was specifically noted by Kam le_chatnoir: on the topic of possible fanwork postage -- everything posted here will receive love. Slash, het, gen, NC-17 (in the off-chance that this does happen), canon, oc's -- everything you guys have filed away is welcome. MARVEL doesn't want to invest in Jay, the rest of us will. Go nuts with whatever you have in mind. Don't be shy. Art is hard to find, so is fic. AMVs are welcome (shini02, yours sustain me), embed the YouTube vid if you like. :)

Reminder: All posts must have their appropriate warnings. We might have kids on the comm, and everyone should be conscious of getting the right information out.

[4] Finally: HAVE FUN. Again, this comm is supposed to be FUN. Jay's no longer around as far as the comic editors are concerned (unless reality-warping comes back into play and we get our X-kids back), so everyone here is all everyone has to keep this little branch of fandom-love going.

Feel free to pimp this place out to other comms. We ARE looking for affiliates. If you want to link up, email NOELLE at beautybedamned [at] yahoo [dot] com. Your link will come up ASA(humanly)P.

much love to you all,
comm co-mod

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